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Project Indonesia Initiative (PII) with Dr. E. L. Sjharial Economic Reengineering Specialist with Group7 Honorary Chairman James Alexander
350 Community Banks 1500 Companies PublicLaunched 60 products2000 EscrowsOver 2000 sales professionals hired & trained
James  Alexander of J. Alexander Investments Pacific Stock Exchange 25 years Brentwood California 42 yearsGroup7 Honorary Chairman 10 yearsGroup7 CEO & Founder Mario Visin 15 years
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Growing, financing, and operating a business is not easy, but having timely access to accurate market intelligence, a properly positioned product/service offering, an effective plan, adequate financial resources, and competent help can make a huge difference. 

While many mid-market companies probably understand what they may need to compete in today's global economy, many lack the dedicated senior level experience required to sustain the kind of vigilant, disciplined, and competent effort necessary for developing and achieving their business plan goals.

Imagine being able to leverage and access experts in cross industries with 55 years of accomplished financial and marketing experience that has created legendary companies and brands. Group7 leads with senior level vision strategy with startups to mature companies seeking expertise from our expert team of teams as needed to accomplish your goals. 

Your Group7 asset will impart the same knowledge, direction and recommendations that have been received by 375 start-up Banks including Imperial Savings, Pan American Bank now owned by Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor for $1.2b, many Fortune 500 companies including Mattel Toys, See's Candies and Easton Aluminum just to name a few.  Experts from our organization have launched products such as the Bobble Heads, T-Ball, T-Ball,and one of the first American's invited to trade in China by the Nixon Administration and has launched over 40 products internationally.    

Your strategy moving forward is paramount to elevating your business performance making your future shareholders comfortable with their financial decisions to join your firm with their hard earned capital. 

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