Who is G7?

Group7 is a globally diverse member network of leading experts; we are the tie that binds brilliance, resources and strategy creating possibilities. We use business as a force for good. We deliver a new business narrative with a higher conscious level of capitalism.

Build a Multi Diverse Revenue Stream of Equities while Building Strong Cities

Leveraging our extensive Member network of worldwide talented people to provide an elite "Team of Teams" filling in the gaps resulting in a strong foundation of each of your companies; "Seven Pillars of your Corporation":

7) Executive Team, 1) Administration, 2) Sales, 3) Treasury, 4) Production, 5) Quality Control, 6) PR/Marketing.  
Work with legendary experts and  learn to navigate through the vast possibilities of what works for your business, determine a clear vision for your next phase of growth and achieving your goals.  Access our expertise and working capital partners for your expansion.
Pairing with our finance network and talented professionals fuel your vision and mission. Our Group7 Members are economic development specialists, local experts and conscious investors. Structuring a strategic alliance with us allows for new distribution channels, increased sales, funding for new manufacturing facilities, expanded warehousing and fulfillment through our omni channel approach.

Telephone: (213) 700-4130

email:     mario@group7.com

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