We custom assemble a world class "Team of Teams" from the Group7 Member Network. We evaluate, build or strengthen your systems, operations and management and create powerful revenue-generating marketing campaigns and business development strategies that require many highly specialized skills and activities. There are sales and market penetration strategies to refine, media research to conduct, target market analyses, image enhancing creative and design work, psychologically compelling copywriting, highly skilled operations management, and more.

Why do Companies Work with Group7?

We roll up our sleeves with you. Group7 understands the hard climb to the top in the business world that every entrepreneur goes through to build their dream. Group7 has been involved in many startup to fortune 50 companies in various industries from restaurants, promotions, traditional and electronic advertising, direct response marketing, production and media buying, publishing, print management, scrap metal, manufacturers representative, manufacturing and distribution, Internet marketing, eCommerce, business consulting, mortgage banking, product development, public relations & publicity, event planning, health and beauty aids, automotive, banking, education, food, gaming, retail, and many others.

 Custom assemble your Brand Development team with Group7's world class creatives for your next winning campaign. We have writers, producers, directors, creative strategists, award winning photographers, all well known agency moguls. We custom assemble World Class Creatives that are international legends in marketing and advertising. Our creative teams have enjoyed wonderful careers in world renowned agencies as Partners and Creative Directors for national companies such as Della Femina Advertising, “Joe Isuzu,” “Where’s The Beef,” Meow Mix, “Singing Cats,” Singapore Airlines, Rolls Royce, CBS TV, Carl’s Jr., Fox TV, and Sheraton Hotels. The Tuesday Team, Senior Adviser to the National Reagan Presidential Campaign, Hal Riney & Partner Advertising, Security Pacific Bank, Gallo, Saturn Automobiles, Alamo Rent-a-Car “Where All the Miles Are Free,” Senior adviser to President Bush Campaign. DMB&B Advertising, Maxwell House Coffee, Burger King, Citizen Watches, “How the World Tells Time, “Oscar Meyer, Pampers. TRW Advertising the country of Trinidad & Tobago, Subway, The Money Channel. Additional national campaigns produced by the Group7 Creative Team reach in to companies such as Walt Disney, Buena Vista Home Video, Pan Am Airlines, In-N-Out Burger, Transamerica “The People in the Pyramid,” Paramount Pictures, Mystic Lake Casino, Kawasaki, Kraft, Kohler and many other Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies.

Group7  has created 1000’s of marketing campaigns and has experienced their results. Having the Group7 team behind your company will deliver profitable growth and position your company properly with precision so your investment dollars are not wasted. We know what works in hundreds of business categories and we know what doesn’t. Group7 has seen the familiar face of your business many times over. 

Leverage our experienced “World Renowned Creative Team” and apply Group7 to your business. “Doing What Works” leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved and “big time sales” while allowing you to focus on building a solid foundation for your systems, operations and management ultimately creating increased customers, client retention and higher profits. Group7 has relationships with the very best in talent to reach your expected mastery levels in business.   

            Group7 is your secret weapon resource for raising sufficient capital for your company, sourcing talent, and building your business by strengthening and improving upon “The seven Pillars of Your Corporation”.

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