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Our network group has completed over 400 venture capital deals, completed over 2000 escrows, helped form more than 375 community banks, 60 of which were the first ethnic banks formed in the USA, including the first African-American Bank in Harlem with Jackie Robinson, we have formed the first woman owned bank, Korean, Hispanic and many others. 

We have taken more than 1500 companies
public, launching more than 40 products internationally. Involved in over 80 commercial and theatrical releases in Hollywood, builder and partner in over 60 escrows in the Los Angeles-Brentwood area, one of the first American groups invited by the Nixon administration to trade in China in the early 1970’s, beginning during the Nixon administration, having been involved in investment banking for over 100 emerging companies, we have been the principal in over 300 investments, working with families of Presidents' Kennedy, Eisenhower and Nixon.            
Trusted to represent several of the wealthiest families in Australia, England, Canada and Mexico in their U.S. dealings, with several world-wide partnerships in many industries.

If you are manufacturing a product and establishing distribution channels or providing a service, chances are we know the right people and are skilled in just what works and what doesn’t work for your industry.

Group7 has senior level knowledge and experience of over 55 years to help maneuver the ship and lead entrepreneurs who may be seeking the right team whether it takes building market share or launching a new product or service, the answer is group7.  

Telephone: (707) 847-6877

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